In the Garden | Ottawa Milestone Photography

This age is one of my favourites to capture. Baby has just learned how to sit often, they are full of smiles and generally in happy spirits. Best part - they can’t crawl away yet! Since it was beautiful outside, we opted to do the session at the Ornamental Gardens. We started off with a lifestyle approach with snuggles and nursing on a blanket in the grass. We tried to have him sit in the grass afterwards, but he wanted nothing to do with it. I put a blanket down, nope. Even inside a bowl, not touching the grass didn’t fly. Thankfully, the gardens has a rocky path, so we went there and he was happy. Such a personality already.

I asked mom some questions about how our session went:

  1. What made you choose an outdoor versus indoor?

    Outdoor was chosen because it was a lovely time of year. The weather was warm, flowers and trees in bloom and we love the outdoors. There are so many beautiful outdoor Ottawa locations.

  2. Were you happy with the outcome?

    Very! The Arboretum has many unique and picturesque areas.

  3. Has he gotten over his fear of grass?

    LOL! Yes, he has. It still took some time but by mid-summer he was happily travelling all over the grass.

  4. Did you have a favourite image - which?

    I love the image of him on the path, sitting in the basket, with the little smile on his face. That expression comically followed him giving a heavy dose of side eye to the nearby foliage. It was fun! There is also an earlier image of him breastfeeding (the camera looking over my shoulder) that is very special to me.

  5. What made you choose to dress him in orange? I personally loved the bold choice, but I don't see it often.

    I'm not known for travelling the beaten path. Those little overalls were also a longstanding favourite of mine and our three sons wore them. Orange is one of my favourite colours and I find it really makes blue eyes shine.

 a mother nurses her son outside in ottawa
 an infant boy sits in a wood bowl with a smiling expression on his face looking at the camera
 a infant boy sits in a wood bowl outside in a garden with a happy squinty expression on his face
 an infant boy sits in a wood bowl in a garden in ottawa looking at the camera
 a baby boy sits in a wood bowl on a stone path looking up at the camera with two little teeth showing

Floral Smash | Ottawa Baby Photography

Seriously can not get over this little cutie and her cake smash session! The colours, the cake and her adorable little face!

She was unsure about the cake – a very dainty eater. She used her fingertips to scoop some icing and lick it off. Even though she ate it slowly, she still really enjoyed the tasty cake and she still made a little mess either way! Too cute, check her out below. Don’t let her serious expression fool you, she has a silly side too!

I think it was pretty special how we incorporated the same flowers we used around the bowl for her newborn session as part of the background for her cake smash.  These little touches are what makes your session meaningful and unique Even though cakes are included in the session fee – provided by a local baker, Decadent Desserts, you are more than welcome to bring your own. They brought a gorgeous floral cupcake cake from Cupcakes by Miryame - click to view more of her fabulous cakes!

 a little girl sits inside a basket surrounded by flowers giving a funny smile to the camera
 a little girl sits in a twine basket with flowers all around her smiling up at the camera
 top view of a floral icing cake
 a little girl sits beside a floral cake with her hands outstretched touching the icing happy expression on her face
 a little girl sits with her cake for her milestone session icing on her fingers and face flowers in the back
 a top view of a baby girl sitting with her cake for her milestone session icing on her figners and face
 a little girl sits with her floral cake for milestone cake smash session silly expression tongue out

Paint Smash-ing Good Time | Ottawa Milestone Photography

I loved how different and fun this was! Both this sweethearts parents are very creative people and a paint smash was right up their alley.  Her mother brought her in wearing a vintage green smocked dress that her grandmother had made for her own children. They chose a few colours - red, blue, green and white - usually i suggest 3 or 4 colours for the best impact. When introduced to the paint she went to town. Painted with such determination and charisma. No surprise that when it came to cleaning up in the bubble bath that she was full of smiles and splashes. I had so much fun capturing this paint smash. I loved her expressions! Check them out below.

I provide the paint, white one piece and canvas, so all you need to worry about is bringing baby. The wonderful thing about this type of session is that you get to KEEP the canvas as a memorable keepsake. Hang it proudly!

 a girl sits on a white iron bed wearing a green old fashioned vintage dress smiling off to the side in ottawa photography studio for her milestone session
 a girl paints on a canvas for her one year milestone smash session in ottawa photography studio
 a girl uses her hand to paint a canvas during her one year milestone smash session in ottawa photography studio
 a girl paints her leg with her hand during her milestone smash photography session in ottawa studio
 view from above a girl sits painting with her hands a colourful canvas for her one year milestone photography session in ottawa studio
 a canvas painted by a one year old for their milestone smash photography session sits complete
 a girl sits in a white metal tub filled with water and bubbles for her one year milestone paint smash in ottawa photography studio
 a girl splashes water towards camera from a white tub with excited expression on her face during her milestone smash photography session in ottawa studio