More to Love | Ottawa Baby Photographer

This beautiful family came for a fall session the year before with just one little girl. Well, now they've welcomed another girl to their family. She was so quiet and calm and her big sister so curious and energetic. Dad left with the toddler for a little walk so we could get some quiet moments of just the brand new baby. When she joined us again, we got some beautiful family images. After their images were delivered, I asked mom some questions about how she felt their session went.

1. Name something special about your baby that you love?

How she melts when I rub her feet

2. What were you most nervous would happen? Did it? 

That she would start screaming 24 hours after she was born and wouldn’t stop TIL she was 11 months (roughly) like my first did!!

3. Tell me about something that surprised you?

My entire birth experience with C (toddler) was so so much easier than with A (new baby). I was ready for a tough time pushing and in one push she was born, it was the most amazing thing.

4. Looking through your images what is your favourite one?

The one with all 3 of us looking down at Clara, sitting on the hospital bed. Such a special moment.

That's my favourite moment too. Little toddler hand caressing her sister, both parents looking down smiling just soaking in the joy.